Catherine Ko Chen

June 8th—August 31st 2018

A note from the artist

We experience moments and we depart from them, and with each retrieval and re-remembering, the memory of the moment changes form until it becomes a different object entirely – a departure from the thing itself, and an arrival at another.

Arrival–Departure is about emotions and the memory of emotions, what is felt and what it becomes.

My work is the product of those arrivals and departures. It’s art to make sense of things. And by things, I mean the emotions that arise from the comedy of being alive in a sometimes indifferent world. What is human, and by virtue of that, strange, absurd, and complex.

I want to speak of the things I feel but language too often falls short. Art is a closer approximation. Through abstraction, process and repetition, I aim to answer questions that arise from the complexity of introspection, and to shape felt incoherence into structures of coherence.

So give it distance, give it time. Look at it, and look at it again. Think of what it felt like, and what it has become. I hope, perhaps, you will find some sense of recognition.

Opening Reception

Friday June 8th 2018
7:00 pm