Problem Library is building new programs in art, education, and cultural infrastructure. We support artists and creators in all stages of life as they work to solve the problems they see in the world.


We build pragmatic, operationally efficient experiments that provide examples of how we might approach complex problems in society.  We support exceptional creative work—our current focus tends to be on art, education and cultural infrastructure.

All our programs are designed to reach financial self-sufficiency over time. The motivation that begins each project is not. This turns out to be difficult. If we wish to see a wave of human ingenuity from a broader set of motivations, focused on a more expansive set of problems, we don’t see many alternatives.

Problem Library at its center is a perspective and value system of what we wish to see in the world. What is created, contributed, encouraged and loved that moves through time. The next great inventions will not be products or things at all. They will be systems and organizational structures that allow people to pursue novel areas of thought, education and creation over many years. We do not see enough defined pathways for people to pursue meaningful self-directed work. Maybe we don’t yet have a culturally articulated idea of a shared human task for our era.

Nobody asked us to start a non-profit so we don’t expect anything, however, we do need outside support in order to keep building. If inspired, we are are always excited to share more about what we are working on. To make a gift, cash or otherwise, visit our donate page here.