Saturday May 13th 2017—Saturday October 7th 2017

Solo exhibition by

Meredith Brion

Meredith’s weavings reveal a border with divine beauty, acting as a doorway to the ethereal and a moment of solipsism for the viewer. Her work embraces the mystery in beauty past the human scale of experience. Beauty with no point of origin, no laws or direction, a vastness that cannot be captured but where her work points the spirit to feel.

“Weaving is time intensive and slower than most modern forms of design, there is tremendous effort put into every step for one piece and it is often hard to relay a full sense of it to the friend who asks about my work. It’s meditative, mathematical, functional and creative.”

“Sometimes it gets easier to respond when I remember that you don’t need to explain it all for everyone all the time.”

Her work induces wonder, expressing intimacy and elusiveness in the same breath – it captures a natural beauty we know well but can’t place with certainty, it is just out of reach, or in her words, “everywhere but here.”

Opening Reception

Saturday May 13th 2017
7:00 pm

Final Viewing

Sunday October 8th 2017
7:00 pm