Problem Children

Problem Children is a 3-month artist residency program open to high school students who are self-directed toward a future in art or design.


The program consists of structured practical and conceptual lessons for creating physical projects/installations, one-on-one mentorship, local field trips, and group exploration exercises.

Students are responsible for setting goals and direction, personally and as a cohort; shaping what concepts, tools, and topics are taught by mentors and guest visitors. Each student completes a final project based on these explorations and close collaboration with their mentor.

Program mentors are creative professionals with backgrounds in art, design and writing, who act primarily as guides to broaden the perspective of each student’s work and creative potential. Each mentor works closely with one student to develop their interests and produce a final project.

During the 3-month program students have full access to Problem Library resources, which include: tools and materials, mentor lessons and support, logistical considerations, gallery space and professional development training.

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List of current & past mentors

  • Catherine Ko Chen
  • Maja Planinac
  • Jeff Masamori
  • Grayson Stebbins
  • Danica Taylor
  • Kateryna Romanova
  • Madeleine Cordier
  • Peter Mark
  • Vanha Lam
  • Lydia Horne
  • Char Simpson
  • Tamara Chu

From left: Joia Gaskin, Ella Ledyard, Emerson Mckee