Waterways Transmission 1

Friday July 28th 2017
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

This was the first waterways after several public and private test sessions. At some point I will re-record these early mixes. From Waterways 1 to Waterways 20 or so, almost all field recordings are sourced from a small variety of vinyl records, mostly part of the somewhat popular Solitudes and Environments series, but a record called Deep Voices and another of bird voices are used heavily.

Two records were used as the source for field recordings in Transmission 1 of Waterways:
Solitudes, Vol 4 and Deep Voices (utilizing Left Over Sea Running, Herd Noises, and others)


  • John Hopkins, The Wider Sun
  • Cross Record, The Depths
  • DJ Shadow, Giving Up the Ghost
  • Herbert, It's Only (Koze Remix)
  • Amon Tobin, Lost & Found
  • Amon Tobin, Wooden Toy
  • The Earl, Live in Technicolor
  • Romare, It Takes A Number
  • Fantastic Mr Fox, San'en
  • Falty DL, Do Me
  • Edan, Promised Land
  • The Quantic Soul Orchestra, She Said What?
  • Esther Philips, Home Is Where The Hatred Is
  • Songs of the Muskogee Creek, [side 1, track 1]