Waterways Transmission 10

Sunday December 17th 2017
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

This one had some messy notes, maybe you’ll find them entertaining. Transmission 10 and the few previous to it all seemed to draw for a few core inspirations, DJ Koze’s Pampa label and its various compilations, Weyes Blood and her overall inspiring nature, and Nils Frahm. You will seem all 3 of the popup again and again for the mixes prior to, and after this one.

Field recordings continue to span the usual three records (Solitudes Vol. 4, Deep Voices [affectionately “Wales”] and Waterways) but I thought I’d list them in the way they are listed in my notes, just for fun.

  • Solitudes Vol 4 – Side A – seagulls at 1/2” from start
  • Waterfall at around 1inch, sol. Vol. 4
  • Birds chirping
  • Birds with lots of reverb
  • Solitudes – Vol 4 Side A – Seagulls
  • Waves
  • Deep Voices – drifting off
  • Waves
  • Waterways 19:51 about 1 inch in at rain
  • Wales

Set length: 1:39:36


  • Lowercase Noises, Depths [-4 pitch]
  • Dntel, Snowshoe [good at end, -4 pitch, -8 by the end]
  • Sampha, Plastic 100°C
  • Francis Bebey, Sanza Nocturne [-3 pitch, bring in with reverb and birds chirping, bring in waterfall at end towards end of solitudes 4 Side A]
  • Jex Opolis, First Stomp [45 RPM, -8 pitch, loud record!]
  • Incognito, Get Into My Groove (Jazzanova Regroove) [45 RPM at -6 pitch, start with low pass filter]
  • The Destinations, I’ve Got To Dance (Disco Version) [45 RPM at -4 pitch, high pass at beginning and end, add reverb]
  • Luanne La Havas, Lost & Found (Matthew Herbert Remix) [quieter record, -4 pitch, reverb at very end when beat stops, end at -8 pitch]
  • Daft Punk, Veridis Quo [-8 pitch, bring in slow, fade out slow into seagulls]
  • Weyes Blood, Montrose [track 4, keep seagulls in]
  • Weyes Blood, Ashes [0 pitch, bring in with reverb and high pass as waterfall is coming closer]
  • Eddi Front, Gigantic [-2 pitch]
  • Nils Frahm, [Side 3, about half way through, play til clapping starts, fade out really slow, add reverb at end]