Waterways Transmission 15

Sunday February 25th 2018
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

This is our fifteenth Waterways event and second to feature a guest. Sam Bordenave (La Fortune) will play a selection of tracks and field recordings that follow a similar format established in past Waterways. Sam DJs regularly throughout San Francisco and we are excited to bring his knowledge and taste of music to Problem Library for a new perspective on Waterways. You can find past mixes by La Fortune here.

From the beginning, Waterways has been an experiment in how we orient ourselves toward music and how posture directs our ability to receive and feel beauty. If music is the most clear language of emotion, we have wanted to create a format that allows us to experience it completely.

No two sessions are ever the same. Each stands on its own, featuring different music and different energy. If the event is sold out, you can always attend the next one. There will be no information about the music that will be played before the event, but a tracklist will be released afterwards.