Waterways 21 Track List

Waterways Transmission 21

Sunday September 9th 2018
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

Waterways 21 explored a specific narrative that was announced at the beginning of the mix. It was the first and only Waterways to explore this format–it is unlikely that a theme with some much specificity will be explored again given that the series is intended to create a context in which you can create your own narrative. A simple prompt–or no context at all–is often enough.

The prompt: Imagine a beautiful/calm ocean; tornado in the middle, sucking up water & whales, getting swallowed up into the heavens, where they float in the clouds. When the clouds are ready, they break and the whales fall down with the rain and relax in the ocean again.


  • Georg Deuter, Vom hohen Himmel ein leuchtendes Schweigen
  • Chris Coco, Albatross
  • Christian Löffler, Blind
  • Bicep, Aura
  • DJ Koze, Moving In a Liquid
  • Victoria Noll, Portal
  • The Signing Nun, Alleluia
  • Still Waters, Where Were You
  • Bicep, Rain
  • Chris Coco, Albatross
  • Georg Deuter, Vom hohen Himmel ein leuchtendes Schweigen