Waterways Transmission 23

Sunday October 14th 2018
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

Waterways 23: Lost / Found

We go into ourselves and find a vast emptiness that is familiar but not inspired. We sink in, float, the sea is wide and open and all you can see is water and horizon, nothing else.

Something is found. Hope arrives. Inspiration pours out in a fountain of possibility.

Lost again. Then found.

Field recordings included me, walking to downtown Sioux Falls, a stream in Nevada City next to my father’s old home, and some birds from “Songs without any talking”


  • Nina Kraviz, Walking In The Night
  • Max Cooper, Incompleteness [-7 pitch]
  • Koreless, Lost in Tokyo [-5 pitch]
  • Shlohmo, Places [-4 pitch]
  • Lowercase Noises, Depths [-8 pitch]
  • Aldous Harding, Party
  • Badly Drawn Boy, Once Around the Block
  • Brightblack Morning Light, Friend of Time [-4 pitch]
  • Brightblack Morning Light, Fry Bread [-4 pitch]
  • Badly Drawn Boy, Once Around the Block (played again)
  • Mary Lattimore, The Warm Shoulder
  • Drugdealer, Suddenly [-4 pitch]
  • Kings Of Convenience, Gold For The Price Of Silver (Erot Vs Kings Of Convenience Version)