Waterways Transmission 4

Sunday September 10th 2017
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

This is a special edition of Waterways. We will honor the life of the late Nathan Michael Martin and his deep relationship to music. All music played will be from his personal collection. The event will take place on September 10 to recognize his birth.


  • Daniel Johnston, Walking The Cow
  • Four Tet, Parks
  • J Dilla, Mash
  • J Dilla, Time: The Donut of the Heart
  • J Dilla, Glazed
  • Four Tet, Movie From The 90s
  • Antonio Ocasio, Echu Aye
  • Romanthony, Hold On
  • Daft Punk, The Son of Flynn (Moby Remix)
  • Camp Lo, Lucini
  • Raga, Yaman
  • Kool and the Gang, Summer Madness
  • Unkle, Lonely Soul
  • Nico, The Fairest of the Seasons