Waterways Transmission 5

Friday September 22nd 2017
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

I was into Rosie Lowe a lot at this time, her voice has some addictive qualities. Deep female vocals can, at times, have a way of suspending and holding your entire being in a place that’s difficult to define. There’s an aspect of feeling emotionally held.

Rosie’s energy set the stage for one of the themes of this mix–one that I’ve explored in the past and will continue to explore in the future–powerful female vocalists. Rosie Lowe, Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood), Charlotte Day Wilson, Andreya Triana, and the vocalist on 15 to 20 by The Phenomenal Handclap Band (either Juliet Swango or Monika Heidemann, I haven’t been able to sort out which one), and the German Su Kramer (no English Wikipedia page available) all represent a range of qualities from deep and heartfelt to sensual to fun.

The field recordings came from the Waterways standards:

  • Deep Voices – Deep Breathing
  • Deep Voices – Left over sea running
  • Waterways – 19:51, bring in at beginning with low pass filter

The original recording of this mix is of poor quality, I don’t think I had the Zoom H6 at the time. I’ll plan to re-record it in the future. For now, explore the music as you see fit.

Grayson Stebbins
Feb 10, 2019