Waterways Transmission 7

Sunday November 12th 2017
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

At the time these mixes were more loose, this is one of my favorite, not only for that reason, but because this was the first mix that featured Nils Frahm. As I’m looking back, I am realizing I threw in Tangerine Dream’s “Love On A Real Train” (a long-time favorite) at the last minute to explore a slower build at the beginning of the mix. It worked out well. San Francisco’s own Eye O put out a record that year (Deux O & Debut). The percussion on it is both straightforward and intricate in a beautiful, balanced way. It’s messy in the beginning and then moves into an organized regiment that carries you forward, then gets a bit messy at the end again in a lovely way. The track is nestled in with some hums and chirps from Solitudes Vol. 4 that work well.

There’s something pleasant about the roughnesss of this all vinyl recording, as I’m re-listening, there are some fuzzy moments where the record I’m playing sounds dirty/dusty, but the added noise gives it a nice feel. This was back in the all-vinyl all-the-time days.

Solitudes Vol. 4 was all I used for field recordings in this mix.

Grayson Stebbins
February 10, 2019


  • Nils Frahm, Said and Done
  • Tangerine Dream, Love On a Real Train (-6 pitch)
  • Eye O, Had Fun Storming the Castle (-6 pitch)
  • People Under the Stairs, Montego Slay (Instrumental; -5 pitch, bring in and out with lots of reverb, watch out at end)
  • Weval, You’re Mine (-2 pitch)
  • Alif Tree, Forgotten Places (Moodyman Remix) (fade in very slow with a bit of low pass, -4 pitch)
  • Kllo, Side with red girl in small square, track 1, QUIET record, bring up gain to 5
  • Jex Opolis, First Stomp (NYC dub) (first track at -8 pitch)
  • The Chemical Brothers, Star Guitar (-8 pitch)
  • I Monster, Who is She? (Lesbian Lovers Remix) picture side, track 2, 45 RPM, “immortal she, return to me” then fade out quick, ends abruptly
  • Nils Frahm, Side 2, track 1, -2 pitch