Waterways Transmission 8

Sunday November 26th 2017
7:00 pm—9:30 pm

I remember liking the Catherine Howe intro and outro. Maybe I’ll record a second iteration one day.

Grayson Stebbins
February 10, 2019


  • Sounds of the Muskogee Creek Part 1,
  • Catherine Howe, Prologue
  • Catherine Howe, My Child
  • Sharpshooters, Love Walked Past
  • Tarek “DJ Dusk” Captan, Let Me Know
  • Jamie xx & Kosi Kos, We Come We Go
  • Kllo, Making Distractions
  • Kllo, By Your Side
  • Acid Pauli, Nana
  • Rone, Bye Bye Macadam
  • Peter and Kerry, One Thing
  • Matthew Halsall, Sailing Out To Sea
  • Catherine Howe, Epilogue