What is
Problem Library?

Problem Library is a nonprofit organization exploring new dimensions in the public interest.

We seek to honor the problems of the world by gathering resources, creativity and talent and pushing them towards the furthest edge of their potential.

We are building a far-seeing creative presence within society, re-utilizing existing resources for the development of contemporary art, education, and cultural infrastructure in order to provide inspiration for the development of the human spirit.

A material gift to Problem Library is a means of standing for a positive outlook on the world; it is an opportunity to be an advocate for a future that values the expansion of human perspective.

Our projects are the hands that act out our values—explore them below.

1288 15th Ave

Our space at 1288 15th Ave is our permanent physical statement about how we engage with the world. As we grow and refine, it is growing with us, tracking our maturity as an organization.

After our flood in February 2019, we questioned its value, we considered other locations, we considered floating through temporary offices in [Working] spaces.

The only thing that felt correct: keep the space at 1288 15th Ave, invest in it further, and transform it into a more complete expression of our values.

Sharing our positive outlook on the world through material expressions of beauty is one of the pillars of our organization—that idea reverberates through every corner of our operations, our projects, and the community we are fostering.

We will continue investing in 1288 15th Ave for the next six years; it will remain a beacon by which we stand, and a central hub for our projects throughout the city.

[Working] remains one of our best opportunities to engage with San Francisco on a larger scale; it is a vehicle for exchange—vacant space for life and creative energy—and we see the potential it has for positive impact on the City.

Our goal is to operate around five [Working] spaces at any given time through close partnerships with property owners and managers invested in San Francisco.  These partnerships will form an architecture around sustained activity throughout the city.

Along with adequate transportation in the form of a van and part-time help, we expect to build a network that will directly support working artists so that they may show their work, make their work, and be active participants in the civic landscape.

Problem Children

Our summer artist program for teens, Problem Children, has now seen two cohorts graduate. Throughout the program, artists and mentors work together to explore conceptual ideas, visit studios and galleries and develop a final project.

Expanding this program means investing further in tools and staff. An ongoing goal is to maintain a one-to-one student-to-mentor ratio.

We are considering a Fall/Winter program in order to maintain a consistent working relationship with the young artists who participate.

Other projects

We will engage in other projects when their value becomes clear and a path forward is natural. As our name suggests, we honor the problems of the world, and through a deepening relationship with them, those that are a good match for us will naturally arise.

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